As competition for healthcare services continues to grow, successful providers are improving the patient experience through retail-style design, consumer-friendly technology and engaging with patients where they are. As this evolution unfolds, it becomes an opportunity for healthcare organizations to encourage migration to more cost effective, and better branded outpatient settings. The Drake Health approach to development recognizes this and enables our clients to be more disruptive in their markets.



At Drake Health, we understand how consumers respond to new care options in their neighborhoods and believe in the power of geospatial science and analytics to support provider decisions about their off-campus network strategy.


 1 //  We start by understanding the existing real estate portfolio, including services provided at each location, patient counts, drive-times, and payer information.


 2 //  We utilize our proprietary location intelligence studies to identify growth opportunities based on a host of factors including competition, existing patients, and new target populations. 


3 // We supplement our studies with the latest in healthcare research and case-specific population trends. 

This planning process helps our clients best manage system entry points, identify network access gaps and deliver integrated care.



Using the information gathered during the strategy and planning phase, at Drake Health, we work to acquire the sites that best meet the requirements, taking a low-profile approach, allowing our clients to remain anonymous and ensuring we get the right site at the right price.


Additionally, we use our expertise in retail development to understand the unique requirements, restrictions and covenants to best negotiate how the site will operate within the retail context.



Drake Health follows a design and development model that is patient centered and outcomes driven.  Thoughtful facility design improves the experience of the patient and the provider, which leads to developing better outcomes.

We develop facilities that are forward-looking and flexible, in order to mitigate risk, control construction costs and reduce process inefficiencies.


Our development model includes:

  • Ownership structuring

  • Economic modeling

  • Speed-to-market scheduling

  • Site planning

  • Building design

  • Entitlements

  • Equity and debt sourcing

  • Budgeting




At Drake Health, we're long-term partners for providers with the flexibility to own the facilities we develop. In addition to owning what we develop, we also acquire existing provider facilities - especially off-campus and non-core assets - so medical providers can focus on what they do best.